Simple Ways to Decrease Server Load

Simple Ways to Decrease Server Load

The one of the most annoying thing that happens in websites is the increase Server Load. Before getting knowledge about how to tackle or decrease the server load we have to know what causes an increase in server load.

The first reason which causes server load is the network itself. Always check your network connection and then go to your site. Sometimes when you go to your website and found some error in loading it, you probably term it as a server error but hold on. Check your network at first and then think that the server is fine or not.

If there is no issue with your network, then the second most probable reason to cause increase server load is System overload. In this case, a server may respond slowly for a time period and then it comes back to its normal state. It can occur due to heavy traffic or when some core jobs are taking place. Sometimes the system doesn’t respond because of the maintenance which is ongoing on the server.

There are more problems that can cause an increase in server load, it can be the common configuration issues or some hardware errors. Now we have to know about simple ways to gain the normal state of a server that is to decrease server load.

We can remove the unnecessary white spaces and HTML codes from our website. Unnecessary stuff that is causing an effect to our bandwidth should find out and removed. As you know that bigger web pages take much time to load than simple web pages. So we can compress or small our codes, tags, and scripts as far as we can. There are many tools which would help you to compress your CSS, HTML, PHP and other scripts. GZip compression can be used at this time. If you have written scripts or have seen CSS or HTML scripts you have found that they contain a lot of white spaces. This is the easiest way in which you can remove those white spaces.

If your website contains some images or pictures and when you load the webpage it takes some time to open up. To reduce the time taken to load the webpage you can optimize the pictures or images used in it. I recommend everyone to use JPEG, PNG, and GIF file formats for your website. Never go for using BMP files as it will decrease your bandwidth of server and the webpage would take a long time to load. For the background of your website, don’t use an image. Use the CSS code for setting the background color of a page. It will surely save the time in which the webpage will load.

The most important thing you should do to keep your server load normal and easy is that to purchase a good hosting if your website’s traffic base is large. Cheap hosting would result in slow loading of web pages if the traffic coming to your website is large or more than the hosting server’s limit. Try to increase the bandwidth limit. More bandwidth limit will decrease the chances of being affected by DDOS hacking attacks.

So these were some of the ways by which you can decrease the server load occurring on your website. You can apply the methods simultaneously or all together if you want to keep your server always calm and cool.

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