How to Sell a Service on Fiverr

How to Sell a Service on Fiverr

Fiverr is the world’s largest freelancing website. It is an online platform where you can hire someone to do your job or you can work for someone and get paid in return. Many people have earned a lot of money from Fiverr and now it is your time to step into this world.

To sell a service on Fiverr you must have an account registered on it. The procedure to register an account is very easy it just takes few minutes. The real game starts after that. After creating account login using it. When you will successfully be logged in then click on your profile picture and after that click on your username, you will reach your profile by that.

After reaching to your profile find the option “Create a New Gig”. Click on it and then a series of forms will began to appear before you. The first form will ask you some basic information related to your gig (In Fiverr your service is referred as Gig). Fill the gig title with a title of service you will provide, select the category and sub-category of the service and then the most important thing fill the tags. Tags are the keywords that will help your gig to appear on top of the lists or when someone searches for a service that you are providing, remember to input only useful, common and popular tags. After filling all details at Gig Overview the second step is filling the pricing, make sure don’t set the price very high or very low keep it moderate and equivalent to the type of your job. The pricing in Fiverr can be done in two ways. In the first you can only have a basic package to offer and in the second way you can have two more extra packages wiz Standard and Premium. You can offer the pricing to the buyers by these three ways. You can also add some extra services related to that main service. The Third Step is to write a brief description of your gig and add some FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) regarding your gig. Tell about all the details in the description box, use the formatting tools to nicely decorate it. In FAQ’s section add some question which you think the buyers would ask or the buyers would think. The FAQ’s section is an optional thing but if you think there is something to be included there then surely go for it. The fourth step asks about requirements. It helps you to create a form in which it indicates what you need before you can start working for the service. In the fifth step you need to upload some images out of which one will become the thumbnail of your gig and others will be showcased with your gig. You can also add a video or PDF. Your primary image will become the thumbnail. The last step is to click on the Verify button.

Your gig will appear on the website after it has been verified. It will take some time by the Fiverr Company to approve your gig, in most of the cases, it gets approved if you have filled all the stuff correctly.

This was all how you can create your own gig and offer services. Follow all the steps accurately, keep the title and tags very good as it will be the most important thing to bring your gig up when someone searches relevant keywords to it.

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