Computer Hacking Methods and Protection

Computer Hacking Methods and Protection

Technology has brought forth the doing of the impossible things. You may be wondering how this hacker manages to hack your computer. Despite the nature of the security system that we install, nowadays saying that my computer is 100% hacker proof is a thing of the past. Some of the computer hacking methods include

The use of the Keylogger software

This type of software is well known to record a list of passwords used to enter into a given site. The of files that may be recorded by this software may include information such as your given email address and by a hacker has your email address which you used to register an account, you will not be destined for greatness as they can penetrate your security system. Most of the time this type is also referred to as keyboard capturing and for software-based keyloggers will target the software’s that are installed on their devices while the hardware-based keyloggers will target the keyboards.  This form of hacking has really affected the banking sector up to the times when the sectors shifted to the use of the virtual keyboards.

The Denial of Service Hacking method

This is the most commonly used method of hacking whereby there is the channelling of a large influx of traffic to a particular server with the hope that the server will be denied that chance to perform the multiple requests and this may probably take it down. During the downtime, automatically the security features of the website may be easily penetrated too and will allow an individual to gain access to your site and computer with ease. With this type or computer hacking, there is the use of the zombie computers which can easily make your site look flooded. However, the form of hacking requires a lot of infrastructures and take a lot of time.


This is my preferred means of computer hacking. The form entails the use of the means of the replication of the most accessed site. The later will be the sending of similar and more of the same link to the user. The oblivious thing will be the user clicking the link and hell will break loose. This has been one of the most used ways of spreading the viruses hacking into people computer. This is largely due to the fact that, the combination of the latter with the power of social media even makes the work to be easier. With you trying to access the page, you will automatically input some of your password and other logins details and the hackers will remotely get access to your computer.

There is no one single way of protecting your computer form cases of computer hacking. But you can install security software’s that will notify you of the incoming threats. The use of wide variety of antiviruses has been able to perform the latter with ease. On top of that be careful on the give n-type of a link that you click.

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