How to Boost your iPhone Signal Strength with Signal Booster on iOS 7 (Cydia App)

Signal Booster, as the name suggests boosts your iPhone’s signal where you are having low reception or you are in basement or some where else where signals are poor. Signal Booster is one of the top Cydia apps for your jailbroken iPhone. This is one of the amazing apps that works like an integrated hardware in your iPhone, this works as an existing cell phone signal, found outside your home, office or vehicle, then it amplify the signal and broadcast it to an area which has weak or no signal. Signal Booster is designed to improve the signal on your handset even in poorest reception area.


How Signal Booster Works, its compatibility and cost

There is no complicated processing involved to run this app, users can access this app from the home screen of their iPhone by tapping on its icon, after tapping it refreshes the service and gets the best possible signals around that area.

This app supports the recent iOS 7 jailbreak as well as offering compatibility with the 64-bit iPhone 5s. That means Signal Booster supports iOS 5 too and that is a great news for iPhone 3GS users as they can enjoy this app too on their iPhones. This app supports all the devices running iOS and above including iOS 7.

Well lets come to its price now, many apps on Cydia are free and that’s why people run after jailbreakiung their devices to avail all those free apps that are not available on App store. This signal Signal Booster app is not free as it will cost you a $0.99, and you can download this from BigBoss repository.

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