How to Boost your iPhone Signal Strength with Signal Booster on iOS 7 (Cydia App)

Signal Booster, as the name suggests boosts your iPhone’s signal which many of you might find useful especially if you’re in a place that has weak signals.Signal Booster has long been one of the simplest, but most effective offerings available for users with a jailbroken iPhone.

The goal of a cell phone signal booster is to take an existing cell signal, typically found outside your home, office or vehicle, amplify the signal and then broadcast it to an area which has weak or no signal. Signal Booster is designed to improve the signal on your handset,


How Signal Booster Works

Tapping the screen forces your iPhone to do a network reset in the hope of connecting to a stronger cell providing a better connection.
Users open up the Signal Booster app by tapping on the icon from the home screen, watch it close itself and wait for the voice and data signal to improve. There is no complicated processing done as the app merely offers a way to shut down a weak cell connection and open up another one, with hopefully a stronger connection.

Compatibility for Signal Booster

This app supports the recent iOS 7 jailbreak as well as offering compatibility with the 64-bit iPhone 5s. That means that Signal Booster offers compatibility all the way back to an iPhone 3GS running iOS 5.

Cost of signal booster

Signal Booster is a commercial package available as a $0.99 download from the BigBoss repository. The app supports the recent iOS 7 jailbreak, but works on devices running iOS 5 or higher.

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