Basic Information About Computer Software

Basic Information About Computer Software

What is a computer?

A computer is a device that accesses and process data to give out information. When you hear the word computer in most cases what comes to mind is laptops and desktop computers but it should be noted that your mobile phone and other data processing devices also qualifies as a computer in its real sense of definition.

A computer software on the hand is basically the tools used by a computer system to process data and give off information.

A computer program is usually installed on the computer to perform a very specific function. These functions are defined by the creator of this software.

Software like the name suggests a part of a computer that can only be seen,  used but you can’t feel or touch them.  This software can be stored on various transferring devices such as a disk or flash drive. The work of this transfer devices is to make sure the software being created is readily available to be used on as many computer systems as possible. This means multiple computers with the right specification can share the same software.

As a result of this, a single software created by a developer can be used on over 100million computer and it wouldn’t downgrade the original software being created whatsoever.

There is various type of computer software and these programs are usually classified based on the feature they contain and the function they perform. This function can range from design,  desktop publishing, internet browsing to the software needed to create another software.

Without a software, it would be impossible for a computer system to function. As a matter of fact, a computer without no software installed on it is basically just a peace of metals joined together like a brief It cannot perform any function at all.

To classify a computer software we also need to talk about the operating system of the computer.

An operating system is the building block of any software program. It determines the process through which a particular software program will have to pass through before it is being developed.

The 3 most widely used operating system is the; windows operating system, Apple OS,  and Linux operation system.

The main function of an operating system is to help predefine and identify the type of computer that a particular software is being made for. That is to say,  a software which is design to function on a Windows operating system cannot be installed on a Linux operating system.

This does not mean a particular type of software can not have variation or software for different operating systems. It all boils down to if the software developer has the intention of doing so.

When it comes to computer software programs,  named like Bill Gates and Steve jobs can never be forgotten, this is the two main people that pioneered the development of computer software to become what it is today. They made it possible for everyone to own a computer.

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