How to Root AT&T Galaxy Note 3 (KNOX Flags Will Not Be Tripped)

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 one of the most powerful phablet with wonderful specification. In this guide we will show you step-by-step process on how to root your SM-N900A AT&T Galaxy Note 3 without voiding the warranty. This rooting method is somehow different than the ordinary rooting process of Samsung Galaxy Note 3, as Knox is included in the AT&T Galaxy Note 3.

This rooting process is quite simple and will not trip the KNOX Flags, this is the good thing about this rooting procedure that your device warranty will remain intact. Once you successfully root your AT&T Galaxy Note 3 you will be able to perform all the root related stuff but to install custom roms, mods etc you will need a custom recovery to be installed in your Galaxy Note 3, but here in this guide we are going to root AT&T Galaxy Note 3 without voiding the warranty, below are some benefits of having root access on your AT&T Galaxy Note 3.

There are multiple benefits of having root access on your Android device, some of them are described below.

Benefits of Rooting AT&T Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900A.

  • Remove Bloatware: You can remove pre-installed apps or bloatware by manufacturer and free up more storage and space from your device.
  • Battery Life Enhancement: Rooting allows you to remove the constantly running unwanted back-end services, by removing such services you can achieve relatively better battery backup.

Now lets start with the rooting process of AT&T Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900A, follow the below steps carefully.

Disclaimer: The method which includes rooting, installing custom recoveries and ROMs using different tools and software. Follow these instruction at your own risk because writer is not responsible for any damage occurs to your device while performing any of these operations so owner of the device will be held responsible for it.

Before you begin:

  • Enable USB Debugging (Settings/Developer Options/USB debugging)
  • Your phone battery should be charged minimum 60%
  • Backup contacts, messages, call logs. You can follow the guide on how to back up your data on PC. Click Here

Download these files:

Download these files:

How to Root AT&T Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900A

Follow these simple steps to root your AT&T Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900A

  1. Turn off your Galaxy Note 3 properly & Turn it on again by pressing and holding Home Button+Volume Down +Power Key simultaneously until a warning is seen then press Volume Up to enter download mode.
  2. Now connect your device to PC.
  3. In the extracted folder you will get “N900AUCUBMI9_OneClickBin” application. Click start and wait about 5-10 minutes until it passes and your phone reboots.
  4. Once your device reboots, enter into download mode again(Follow step 1)
  5. Connect your device to PC and check if Odin detects your phone, the ID:COM box should turn blue. Make sure that you have installed Samsung USB drivers before connecting the device.
  6. In Odin hit the AP tab, select the downloaded “Root_de_la_Vega.tar” file
  7. Click start and wait for the installation process to complete until you see a “PASS” message in the ID:COM box with green background on the top left in Odin, your device will reboot automatically.
  8. Now unzip, this file is located in the extracted “N900AUCUBMI9_VEGA” folder.
  9. Transfer “” and “root_files” (folder) to your phone.
  10. Reboot the device and delete both “” and “root_files” (folder) from your phone.


That’s it! You have successfully rooted your AT&T Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900A without tripped the KNOX, if you have any query feel free to contact us through below comment section and give us your feedback and stay tune for more tips and tricks. Follow us on Facebook/Twitter for future updates.

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