How to Root AT&T Galaxy Note 3 (KNOX Flags Will Not Be Tripped)

This guide will show you step-by-step process on how to root your SM-N900A AT&T Galaxy Note 3. This rooting method is a bit different than your ordinary rooting process of Samsung Galaxy Note 3, as Knox is included in the AT&T Galaxy Note 3

The best thing about this root method is that it doesn’t trip the KNOX Flags, which means that you won’t void your warranty. Note that you can’t flash any new custom ROMs, kernels nor any other type of custom files, since the bootloader of AT&T Note 3 remains locked.

For you to be able to root your AT&T Galaxy Note 3 you should read the guidelines below and learn that a Full WIPE process is recommended, as otherwise root cannot be achieved. Read the preparation guide info below and make sure that you know what you’re doing beforeyou proceed further. Here’s what you need to know before starting the root process of your Galaxy Note 3.

Note: This root method is just for AT&T variant of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Check the phone’s model number in Settings, then About Phone menu and verify that the version number is set to SM-N900A. Do not attempt to root any other devices using the instructions listed in this root method.

IMPORTANT: Must Read before you start the rooting process.

  • Download then install the SAMSUNG USB Drivers for your PC from here.
  • If you don’t install the drivers, then the AT&T Galaxy Note 3 won’t be recognized by your PC
  • Disable any antivirus / security applications from running on your PC. Such apps are interfering with the rooting process and you might not be able to complete the tutorial.
  • Enable the USB Debugging option from Developer Options menu.
  • This is a tutorial that should be completed by advanced Android users.
  • We are not responsible in case you damage or brick the AT&T Galaxy Note 3 device.
  • Backup all important data before starting to root your smartphone. If you didn’t backed up, you ll never be able to recover your data
  • The phone’s battery power charge level has to be over 50%. This prevents it from powering off during the root.

Follow the guide below to root the AT&T Galaxy Note 3

How to Root AT&T Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900A

Remember that this guide won’t trip the KNOX Flags and the warranty of your device remains intact. Also, the Samsung boot animation screen will display a Custom Unlock icon from now on, since you’ve still flash a modified firmware.

  1. Remove external SD card from your phone if you have one.
  2. Now enter into Download Mode by turning off your phone. Then press and hold the volume down, power button, and home button at the same time. You will get to a screen to ask you to press the volume up to continue, press it.
  3. Now plug in your microUSB to your phone and the USB cable to your computer.
  4. Download and extract N900AUCUBMI9_VEGA.7z
  5. In the extracted folder you will get “N900AUCUBMI9_OneClickBin” application. Click start and wait about 5-10 minutes until it passes and your phone reboots.
  6. Enter into Download Mode again (repeat step 2) and keep your phone plugged into the computer.
  7. Now open “Odin3 v3.09″. Then select “AP” and locate and select “Root_de_la_Vega.tar” file. This file was in the same extracted folder as Odin.
  8. Now click “Start” at the bottom of Odin. This process will take 5-10 minutes so be PATIENT! Do not touch your phone! After the process is complete your Galaxy Note 3 will automatically reboot in the normal state.
  9. Now unzip, this file is located in the extracted “N900AUCUBMI9_VEGA” folder.
  10. With your phone still plugged in transfer “” and “root_files” (folder) to your phone. NOTE: Do not transfer these files into a folder, just the general phone directory!
  11. Now reboot your phone by holding the power button and then selecting restart.
  12. With your phone plugged into your computer delete both “” and “root_files” (folder) from your phone.
  13. Again, fully reboot (repeat step 11).
  14. Once your phone is fully booted up your done.
  15. After reboot go to Google Play Store, install Root Checker Basic tool.
  16. Launch the root checker app and use it to verify that the root was completed successfully.
  17. That’s it, you have managed to apply root for your Galaxy Note 3 AT&T using Root de la Vega method.

Your AT&T Galaxy Note 3 should now have SuperSU installed and you can use rooted apps.

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